Interactive IT solutions
that combine science, engineering and art.

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Toucan Systems

We are a tech company that creates interactive IT solutions dedicated to cultural institutions,
science centres and the promotional and event industries. Our fascination with new technologies
is also transferred to other market segments. Get to know our brands.

Toucan Nest

Comprehensive management of AV installations with dedicated hardware.

Toucan AI

Advanced IT solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI).

Toucan Studio

Game development.



Since 2012 we have successfully completed nearly 200 interactive projects for over 50 clients. Together with our partners, we have built solutions characterized by excellent functionality and usability.

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If you would like to ask us a question or find out to what extent
we can support you, you are in the right place.

Toucan Systems sp. z o.o.

AdresAl. Grunwaldzka 186
80-266 Gdańsk

Telefon+48 58 712 94 94

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